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10 Careers In Social Sciences

10 Careers In Social Sciences

Social science makes us aware of the world that is beyond our current experience and helps us understand how our society works. It focuses on areas and answers questions like why do people vote? Or what makes them happy? Social science is a major resource for policymakers, authorities and NGOs.
It’s applicable in so many social fields; here are 10 careers in social sciences:

1. Magistrate, Judge, Lawyer or other judicial workers
The judge is mainly responsible for hearing allegations of the defending parties and witnesses testimonies. Social sciences and understanding how the society works is an excellent study subject for the judge, they have to listen to testimonies and rule for or against the matter in court.

2. Social worker
Social workers are the people who perform various tasks for the benefit of the society. Being a student of social sciences enables them to perform these tasks efficiently. They also help people to cope with everyday problems.

3. Secondary school teacher
They have to deal with students and social sciences help them there. Teaching is one of the most respected professions in the world. The teachers have to impart knowledge, instruct, maintain, adapt and enforce through their lectures and guidance. A Society begins its formation through schools.

4. Police officer
Officers have to deal with criminals on daily basis; social sciences help them deal with the people who are also a part of the society. A social sciences student who becomes a police officer is in a much better position to handle criminals.

5. Human resource managers
They have to recruit, train and deal with employee issues throughout their careers. An additional degree in social science can help them in a brilliant way. It can help them make the right choices for the company by selecting the right candidates.

6. Personal financial advisors
Their job is to render financial services to their personalized clients. Their degree in social science enables them to offer these services and much more to all their clients. They also plan the financial moves for their clients and are mainly referred to as brokers, accountants, lawyers or insurance agents.

7. Public relations specialist
They manage the information that is made public for individuals and organizations. They are different from advertising and marketing communications specialists. As they have to deal with the general public, social sciences help them in communicating with their audience.

8. Producers and directors
They convert a writer’s script into a T.V show, live theater or a film. Social sciences enable them to understand the dynamics and how societies and people work and do their day to day business, it helps them visualize and create a vivid and real picture of a society in films.

9. Artist
Social sciences and artists work on the same principle of benefitting the society. This field of study helps the artists to form a better picture of society in their minds.
10. Technical writers
They prepare manuals, how-to guides and articles to make communication easier. With a degree in social science, the tasks like communication become much easier.

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