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Law School And Students Issues

The law schools are collecting a fair amount of revenue. The students feel financial burden. The law students feel incompatibility in the middle of their law degree. The pressure and stress for securing good grades make them worried and this often leads to unhealthy patterns of life such as drug addiction. Some of the issues, law students might encounter are highlighted in this article.

1. Expensive Degree

Law degree is relatively an expensive degree. The great amount of fees has made it difficult for an economical class to opt for a law degree. It is overall an expensive degree with bleak future prospects.

2. Cost of Course Books

Only taking admission is not a great deal, one has to buy a lot of course books that are costly as well.

3. Stress & Anxiety

Lot of pressure for scoring well in exams made law students anxious and depressed throughout their degree.

4. Lack of Time Managing Skills

Time management for law students is very difficult. Each course is lengthy and requires ages to go through all the relevant details. Law students are unable to manage time for each course.

5. Drug Addiction

Constant anxiety and depression lead to drug addiction among law students. Many students consume alcohol on regular basis which affects their health. In recent years, law students are seen indulged in drug addiction.

6. Uncertainty about Employment/Job Prospects

It is the most saddening thing for law students. It is uncertain for them to get a chance for employment. It has become only a matter of fate for law students to get a good job.

7. Lack of Recreational Activities

Law students don’t have enough time for enjoyment and recreational activities. They suffer from homesickness. Lack of recreational activities affects their mental health.

8. Health Issues

Sleeplessness and constant restlessness deteriorate their health. The high consumption of caffeine and alcohol affect their health.

9. Competition & Fatigue

Competition for achieving distinct grades to get jobs in future makes them stressed and fatigued. They are always tired. Competition is a healthy thing but over thinking leads to weariness.

10. Dissatisfaction

Sometimes law students don’t feel compatible with the degree they opted for and feel dissatisfied with their degree. They quit in the middle of their degree due to constant stress.
When law students compare themselves with their peer groups in various fields and professions, they feel worthless. They don’t have enough opportunities for jobs and the laborious study routine make them fatigued and discontented. Before going for a law degree, students must evaluate their aptitudes and coping skills for the said degree. Law students must take good care of their health. Caffeine and alcohol consumption should be avoided. They need skills to manage time and should extract time for recreational activities to refresh their minds. Law schools should provide counseling to law students and the fee structure should be revised according to the affordability of general class of the country.

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