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Online Vs. Traditional Education

Online Vs. Traditional Education

Education is rapidly growing business in recent year. As online institutes has opened the new avenue for students that they can have more easy access to education. Online education has provided the facility to student to enroll in any course of your choice. Students can enroll for online courses from different states and different countries. However, there are pros and cons of both online education and traditional education. Many institutes have started hybrid courses like online classes plus weekend classes. Here is review of both traditional and online education to suggest which one is better choice.

Online Education:

Online education is also known as distance learning education. In it students take the class through internet at any time.

Pros Of Online Education:

  • Time efficient –It saves time if you are enrolled in online education. Thestudent can take lectures at any time when he or she is free from work.
  • Flexibility and convince-Online education provides flexibility of timing and can take classes at any place. Students do not have to travel much.
  • Learning marketable skills-Online education teaches more marketable and job focused skills.
  • Learning digital skills-Students who are enrolled in online education learn more technology and software related skills.
  • Keep up- to- date-The main aim of online learning is to keep their learner up –to- date about technology and market trends.

Cons Of Online Education:

  • Less direct contact-Online education has less focus on face- to- face interaction with other students and professors.
  • Software failure problems-when technical fault occur it is difficult to keep in touch with your institute.
  • Less campus activities-As without face- to- face interaction, lab classes and other practical activities are being limited. Online education is limited to certain profession. As anyone cannot become doctors or lawyer through online courses.

Traditional Education:

Traditional education is attending the classes at campus. In traditional education there are opportunities of joining different clubs, societies and associations along with study. In traditional education students can take additional assistance from instructors who are available at campus.

Pros Of Traditional Education:

  • Experience-inCollege or university besides the actual learning, certain activities like dinning, parties, communities and sports teams are also sources of learning.
  • Recognition of degree-Having traditional education is way to create group and acquaintances in related field.
  • Facilities regarding certain types of studies and activities-Traditional education are necessary in certain fields like armed forces, doctors, engineers andlawyers. Classroom practices are necessary for these students.

Cons Of Traditional Education:

  • Inexpensive-Traditional education includes tuition fee, travelling cost and all other costs.
  • Not giving necessary skills-Traditional system is based on old way and it does not provide latest technical skills.
  • More travelling-students have to travel for attending classes.

Both online and traditional education has pros and cons. Most of the institutes often have hybrid of both like online classes and weekend class activities. I think hybrid system of education is best choice as taking the benefits of both. In this way students have benefits of both face-to-face interaction and cost & timing saving. Online education is best to equip with modern technological skills.

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